Mudras are like yoga poses for the hands. The hands are intimately connected to the nervous system.  There is a huge portion of the brain dedicated to processing the sensory input from the hands.  (Learn more about this here.)  By placing the hands in certain positions we effect the nervous system and as a result can impact our whole state of being.
In my work as a yoga therapist, adi mudra, is everyone’s favorite. Adi mudra, also known as energy seal, shown in the image below is a quick and discrete way to instill a state of calm.
Here is how to do the Adi mudra:
1. Place your thumb at the center of your palm and wrap your fingers around it in a gentle “hug”
2. Rest your palms facing down in your lap or your belly. (If you are standing, your hands can be resting down along your side.)
3. Feel into your body and hands.
In general, it takes about two to five minutes to feel the effects of a mudra. You may or may not feel the calming effect of this mudra, but trust that your nervous system is being calmed by holding your hands in this position.
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