What can we do when we are experiencing fear?

1. Become more present. Ground your awareness in the present moment by connecting with your body, breath, and the environment you are in.

2. Release thoughts and feel more. Let go of what your mind is telling you and sense what is actually happening for you bodily.

3. Hold space for the fear. Wherever you feel the fear in your body create space around it, hold it gently and allow it to be there.

4. Breathe in the feeling of fear (feeling = emotion – thought) Acknowledge it, accept it, and embrace it. Breathe out the feeling of fear. Expand the feeling out, dissipating it out to the whole body and into the space around you.

5. Stay present with the sensations you are feeling, continue to breathe and expand your awareness farther and farther out.

6. Rest in the expanded state as the waves of sensation move through you.