Guided Meditation
Exploring the Pain
(Adapted from Pain Meditation III by Stephen Levine)

Let your body settle into its relaxed comfortable position.
Bring your attention to the breath.
Feel the body expanding and softening, in tune with the breath.

Bring attention to any areas of sensation that have been uncomfortable or painful.
Letting the body soften all around these sensations.
Let the muscles soften. Let the tissues soften. Imagine the cells softening.
And if pain is there, just let it be.
Allow the body to soften all about it so that nothing holds on to the pain.
Just letting it be as it is, without resisting. Just softness.

And, in the mind, if ideas, thoughts, or stories of pain cause tightness, gently let go.
If you notice fear, anger, or sadness. Let go of fear. Let go of anger. Let go of sorrow.
Let go of any ideas or stories about pain.
Simply allow thoughts and feelings to arise and pass away by themselves.
Soften all around them.
Allow each moment to be received fully.
Whatever thought arises, let it come and let it go.
Whatever sensation arises, let it come and let it go.
Enter the moment to moment experience with a soft, open mind,
with a soft body, and with a soft, open heart.

Not holding. Not thinking. No story.
Just receiving this moment. Exactly as it is. Instant to instant.
Each moment passes into the next and the mind and the body become like an ocean.
Each sensation floats gently to the surface.
Everything dissolving in the vast open sea of awareness.
Remain in softness as you allow your body and mind to rest.

This meditation has been adapted from Stephen Levine’s Pain Meditation III from the book Who Dies?
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