More Testimonials

“How often in your daily life do you hear someone say, “Now ask yourself: Is there just one more thing you can do to make yourself a little more comfortable?” That’s a rare and remarkable request, isn’t it? It’s all about caring about YOU: your comfort, your wellbeing, your sense of peace. That’s a bit of everyday magic. That’s Sonia Weirich of One To One Yoga.” – BB

“Each meditation with Sonia is like a present. I look forward to the gift that is unwrapped in each one.” – SC

“In the past I had tried many times to meditate without success. When Sonia lead me through a guided meditation I didn’t think I could even do 5 minutes, but I did and one of our sessions consisted of a 45min guided meditation focused on healing. Wow what a powerful session that was.” – RVW

“Meditation is such a welcome release in the stressful world I (we all) live in. Meditation with Sonia brings me to a new level of relaxation and understanding of the world around me. Her guidance and focus on breathing helps me relate to my surroundings better after each session.” – KT

“Sonia’s Yoga Nidra class is held on the last Friday evening of each month and is a perfect way to review and release the 30 days that have just passed. I look forward to it all week; it’s like the best possible kind of slumber party for grownups. While you’re in a deep state of comfort and relaxation, Sonia provides a narrative of exploration and observation that gives focus to your thoughts while your body rests and your spirit is nourished. You come out of the session feeling incredibly refreshed and at ease.” – BB

“There are moments in your life when you find yourself faced with the unexpected. Whether it be a positive or negative experience. I was processing a negative experience when I walked into yoga on Thursday morning. The energy in the room was welcoming. Rather than doing the planned yoga class, the group turned on music and moved our bodies with our emotions. It naturally transitioned into a fluid movement experience, followed by breathing and meditation. The energy in the room was so different at the end, with the movement beginning the healing process for me. It never ceases to amaze me how focusing on movement and breathing and listening to your body’s needs changes your outlook on the universe and your surroundings.” -KT